Mamoclam: good side effect

A side effect of medication - the one that is not intended by its creators as a basic.

Usually the term “side effect” means unwanted impact However, pharmaceutist know rare cases of good side  effects. For instance, Viagra has been originally created as a medicine for  heart failure, however, its well-known side effect eventually became the main one .

The Mamoclam product has been developed by the scientists of Scientific Research Institute of Oncology (named after N.N. Petrov) as a medication for the treatment of mastopathy. The main effect chosen by the authors was decreasing the breast tissue swelling degree. The product was designed to decrease swelling degree by accumulating the organic iodine in breast tissues, promoting the decrease of breast pain and cyst regression. However, already during the clinical trials the authors have discovered that tissue swelling decreases not only in  breasts but in all the other tissues which can accumulate organic iodine. Thus, the majority of women involved in the trial that previously had abdominal pains before menses and severe manifestations of premenstrual syndrome, noted that (with a background of Mamoclam administrations) premenstrual  pains have diminished (not only breast pains but also abdominal pains). Many patients have also noted that, unlike before, pre-menstrual weight gain and body volume increase has not been occurring.

One of the product authors, M.D., professor V.G. Bespalov, describes that moment the following way: “I cannot say that this side effect was completely unexpected for us, for we initially took into consideration the ability of Mamoclam to prevent tissue swelling. However, what was unexpected for us is the intensity of this effect – Mamoclam was found to be surprisingly effective in reducing pains caused by tissue swelling, both in the breast tissues and in the tissues of urogenital system. We have understood how important is the role of tissue swelling in the development of «premenstrual pain syndrome».

Several years have past since then – and Mamoclam has deservedly gained popularity as the product of choice for the treatment of mastopathy and for preventing breast cancer. For all these years hundreds of thousands women have undergone Mamoclam treatment all along the country.

Multiple specialists have gained experience of using the medicinal product. This is what provided the final understanding that Mamoclam reduces premenstrual pains and swelling not only in the breast tissues but in all other tissues and organs.

Currently it is possible to speak positively that Mamoclam has a fortunate and extremely advantageous side effect: reducing premenstrual swelling in ALL the tissues and organs. This provides the following effects:

Pre-menstrual abdominal pains become reduced or fully resolve

During the premenstrual period no fluid retention occurs within the organism, no increase is noted in the body weight and volume

Of course, the main effect of Mamoclam administrations is reducing premenstrual pains and swelling in the mammary glands.

Mamoclam currently appears to be the only non-hormonal drug that provides high-intensity relief in the premenstrual pain severity and tissue swelling.